Calling all Chiliheads! Help still needed in Hancock! Red Hot in Hancock is almost qualified

RED HOT IN HANCOCK is searching for cooks in Weirton, WV (close to Pittsburgh & the Ohio boarder) for Saturday, September 27th 2014

* ICS cooks who bring 2 Gallons of People’s Choice chili will have their entry fees waived

* We are hosting RED, VERDE, SALSA and HOMESTYLE

* A win in Red could advance you to the Last Chance at Nationals plus our Verde, Salsa & Homestyle winners will automatically qualify

* The first 32 cooks to register will be able to set up under the permanent tent 

 * Winners will receive specially commissioned commemorative Fiestaware Chili Bowls with our Red Hot in Hancock logo

* Excellent prize money:


1ST-$1,000, 2ND- $250, 3RD-$100


1ST-$250, 2ND- $100, 3RD-$50





SPONSORS CHOICE: Mark Charles Misi cookware set…these sell on QVC for $110!


Red Hot in Hancock Chili Cook-Off

c/o DeeAnn Greene

3185 Wylie Ridge Road
Weirton, WV 26062



FAX 304-723-3799

Sign up on the ICS website at 

Visit us at or download your application from our Red Hot in Hancock facebook page 



Well folks, the venue for this years golf tourney on Thursday, October 23 is set. The first group will be teeing off at the Lexington course of the Revere Golf Club in Henderson, NV. I got a group rate of $95.00, which is a smoking deal for this course. We have 20 spots reserved right now, with a minimum guarantee of 13 needed. Playing so far are Paul Whitney, Rich Omerza, Matt Levy, Kurt Leithner, Bill Blakey, Linda Blakey, Christii Watkins and George Lott. Ian Mcdaid is a possible. He would put us at nine. I would absolutely love to fill all 20 spots. Hey Judy Wedemeyer, how about you this year? Michael Lesperance? Please email me at or call or text me on my cell, 928-853-1161. Looking forward to seeing you on the links!

Deluge: 2014 | Facebook

Here are some photos from the Pennsylvania State Cookoff…..For those of you who have not had the “pleasure” of this experience! Just click on the title to view


Attn: all chiliheads, the end of October is fast approaching. Beatty Days Regional is the weekend after the World and the first World’s qualifier in the West.

The Beatty Days Regional cook off will be held on Nov. 1st this year. I know it is the week after the World’s but you can make a vacation of it and stick around for Beatty Days.  This is a fun cookoff where you never know what will happen, it could be anything from a Parade, (which starts off the day) and a bed race, (you haven’t lived till you have seen one of these). There is also a contest for the best dressed dog, and a chicken drop raffle, (don’t ask). Sometimes that old chicken just doesn’t want to co-operate.



1st Pl.  $500.00 + Plaque

2nd Pl. $200.00 +Plaque

3rd Pl.  $100.00 + Plaque


1st Pl.  $300.00

2nd Pl. $200.00

3rd Pl.  $100.00


 50/50 PAYBACK




As usual there will be a $5.00 entry fee credit for each additional gallon of People’s Choice, with a maximum credit of $10.00 per team.

Hopefully you will be able to send your app through the ICS web site. If not please send me an email at to let me know what you will be cooking.

The cookoff chairperson has blocked 13 rooms at the Death Valley Inn, 775-553-9400. These rooms will be held until October 7th.

The code is Beatty Chili Cook-off. You can find info about other motels at  Fred and Patti have a few rooms available also.

There will be a potluck at the Happy Burro Chili and Beer, and there is a rumor that Ron Keel will be entertaining us again this year. 

Initial Heads-Up - Florida’s Early Qualifiers for 2015 Chili Year

Hi Everyone,

We all know that the 2014 World Championship is set for Oct 24 – 26, 2014 in Las Vegas. So with the WCCC still roughly a month and a half away, this “heads-up” may appear to be rather premature; perhaps…but my gut tells me that may not be the case.

Two reasons I don’t believe so.

  1. The World is nearly a month later than usual.
  2. This coming year’s Florida cookoffs are significantly more front-loaded than previous years’; and thus will come fast and furious following the World.

Therefore for future planning by cooks who perchance do not get crowned as Champions at the WCCC, I wanted to pass-on our various Cookoffs Chairmen’s’ best estimates for the 2015 Chili Year’s “Florida’s Early Qualifiers”. Some are already on the ICS website, others are not

Note: the below list only talks to those cookoffs with which Marshall and I are directly involved. I know for a fact that historically there have been at least two other Florida cookoffs during the time period covered; one is already on the website (Chili in the Park), one is not(Sunshine Regional)

  • November 8, 2014 – “Moosehaven Regional”; Orange Park Florida (Jacksonville area)
    • Superbly organized; gorgeous location on the banks of the St. John’s River
    • Great attendance support
    • Awesome breakfast
    • Lots of modest priced accommodations nearby
    • Already on the ICS website – to include flier
    • November 15, 2014Same Day, Back to Back “Chili Chicks Regional Cookoffs” , Lake Park Florida (West Palm Beach area)
      • Long time cookoff; second year as a two qualifiers on same day, also held at a new location from prior ones beginning last year
      • Great Cooks Party Friday evening, great/superbly organized cookoff, 2 shots at WCCC in same day, lovely location right on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), excellent hotel pricing, “Chili Chicks”
      • Very strong attendance support, with constant stream of people coming/leaving throughout the event
        • Organizers stock canned chili to supplement ICS cooks’ required People’s Choice, so chili remains available for the crowd
    • Already on the ICS website
    • November 22, 2014 - “name TBD Regional” at the Ocean Manor Beach Resort in the Fort Lauderdale area; replacement for Nicky’s Regional Cookoff
      • Understand that ICS paperwork is being submitted, so fairly solid
      • Same Chairman/organizer person as Nicky’s, but new location – Ocean Manor Beach Resort; never been there, but location looks very pretty on website
      • Not yet on ICS website
      • December 6, 2014 (Saturday)  - “Smokin on the Bay Regional #1”; Key Biscayne Florida (Miami area)
        • Second year after a superb initial one; much bigger & lots more happening for this year; bigger Prize Money for Red, Verde, Salsa
        • Water Sports competitions
        • Live entertainment
        • Gorgeous location; area between the Miami Rowing Center and the (soon to be restored) Marine Stadium damaged by Andrew
          • For those who participated last year - on the other (Atlantic Ocean, versus Biscayne Bay) side of the Rickenbacker Causeway
          • Lots more room; plenty of parking
          • Right on the beach; watersports directly by the cookoff on the Atlantic lagoon
    • Friday Cooks Party planned for this year
    • For art aficionados, Art Basel Miami Beach going-on December 4 – 7
      • Art Basel: world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works
    • Working on discount for accommodations at the Silver Sands Beach Resort in Key Biscayne - same place as last year
      • No shortage of other hotels available within a reasonable drive time
    • No yet on ICS website
    • Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned Professional & Backyard BBQ cookoffs – Saturday only
    • Organizers will provide canned chili, to supplement ICS cooks required People’s Choice for the crowd – Saturday only
    • December 7, 2014 (Sunday) – “Smokin on the Bay Regional #2”; Key Biscayne Florida (Miami area)
      • Ditto first eight above… plus
      • Miami–Dade Fire Stations Chili Challenge for Majors’ (City of Miami, Miami Dade County) Trophy
        • Additional chili for crowd
    • Homestyle Chili Cookoff
      • Still more chili
    • No canned chili; however People’s Choice still required
    • New wrinkle (for me) on People’s Choice
      • Public will purchase “Chili Bucks”, and with 10 Chili Bucks will receive a ballot
        • Public will give teams a Chili Buck for each tasting
        • Public will turn-in their ballots
        • Ballots will determine People’s Choice
        • However; teams can (if they choose to) turn-in collected Chili Bucks…and receive back half their value in cash!
          • Win-win with the charity
          • Sound like a pretty good incentive – will be interested to see how that works
    • Whole-Hog Roasting Tailgate Party (whole hogs distributed Saturday afternoon; teams may cook overnight), $500 entry fee (fee includes the approx. $200 dressed whole hog), $10,000 1st Prize + lots more places’$s
      • Should ICS cooks be interested, organizers could team them up with local cooks…
      • Or cookoff can provide them a “Caja China” – whole hog charcoal roaster
      • Manufacturer is an event sponsor -
        • The above website is worth a view, even if you’re not interested in participating; one of the (many) links on the website, is an 8 minute video of Martha Stewart with an expert on preparing/cooking a suckling pig in a Caja China
        • Really cool; great explanation, visuals… plus your mouth will water
    • Best Decorated Booth – big prize money
    • January 25, 2015 -     “99.9 KISS Country Regional Chili Cookoff”; CB Smith Park, Pembroke Pines Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area)
      • 28th Year; huge cookoff (largest qualifier in ICS according to Vickie) with 130+ teams (and a waiting list), all ICS members & all local – for majority of cooks, their only cookoff for the year
      • Very pricey; but includes early arrival/entry (6 AM) before gates open to crowd (8:30 AM…people – young ones - “tailgate” from around 2 AM to be at the head of the line) plus reserved parking, own location with own food/beverage (you provide structure/tent), 4 entries to site (concert) included + 4 more people (if choose to) with a pre-purchased concert ticket ($40 ahead; $45 day-of)
        • Tickets limited to 20,000; past few years sold out well before event
    • Concert: historically 5 Country Music Headliner Acts
      • You name a famous Country Music star/act, highly doubtful if they have not performed at Kiss Country Chili Cookoff; many, more than once
    • Salsa, Red Chili, Best Booth & Best Showmanship (no Verde)…with the Booths & Showmanship in an absolute “class of their own”
    • Per the “rules/guidance”: giving out chili tastes NOT ALLOWED…
    • Trophies for 5 places in all four competitions, including small trophy duplicates for each of 4 team members; no Prize Money
    • If you haven’t yet figured it out – a MAJOR HAPPENING… with a chili cookoff attached; pretty awesome
    • Not yet on the ICS website
    • February 7, 2015 -     “Chili in the Village Regional”; Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest Florida (Miami Area)
      • Third year after a 5+year hiatus as one the (then very few) South Florida “early qualifiers”; very well run cookoff
      • Pinecrest Gardens was the original home of the famous “Miami Parrot Jungle”; acquired by the Village of Pinecrest when Parrot Jungle (now Jungle Island) moved
        • Drop-dead gorgeous & lush setting
        • Once described by now retired ICS cook Marilyn Fredrick as: “the most beautiful place I have ever cooked chili”
    • Really big attendance support from the residents of Pinecrest (very “upscale” community); constant stream of people coming/leaving throughout the day – lots of families with young ones
      • Organizers stock canned chili to supplement ICS cooks’ required People’s Choice, so chili remains available for the crowd
    • Plenty of modestly priced accommodations within 20 minutes or less
    • Terrific “Farmers Market” the next day (Sunday) at Pinecrest Gardens, for those who happen to remain in the area prior to heading back
    • Already on the ICS website
    • February 14, 2015 ( Saturday) - “Chili in the Keys Regional”; Moose Lodge, Islamorada Florida (Middle Keys – Florida Keys)
      • Beautiful Florida Keys…in February(!); doesn’t get much better
        • Plus a Bloody Mary at the Moose Lodge is around $3.00…
        • Breakfast is also excellent…and inexpensive
    • Great cookoff and top cooks; however very laid-back…it is “The Keys” after all
      • There are ‘old timers’ who say: “the Keys have changed…and are not what they used to be”
        • True enough; but what they fail to recognize is that the rest of the country has also changed…and the Keys’ difference/gap is still very much real and there, plus very palpable/enjoyable
    • According to hearsay: for many cooks, “it ranks with their favorite cookoffs of the year”
      • And methinks that might have something to do with the geography…rather than the (also) superb organization & judging
    • Not yet on the ICS Website
    •  February 15, 2015 (Sunday) - “Florida State Chili Championship”; Moose Lodge, Islamorada Florida (Middle Keys – Florida Keys)
      • Ditto everything above

By my count, that makes 9 for certain - and most likely 10 - “WCCC Qualifiers” between early November and mid-February; that over 7 weekends. It is also the time of year for some of the prettiest weather down this way…which may be a consideration for our non-Florida cooks.

I figured that no-way was there going to be a repeat of last year’s grotesque weather up north - when many of us learned a new term: “Polar Vortex”…And where I remember one day the news reporting that Florida had been the only state (of the contiguous 48) that had not recorded a sub-freezing temperature anywhere in the state.

Therefore I had no intention of going there as promotion/encouragement for our out-of-state brother & sister cooks to come join us. However it appears that AccuWeather does not quite agree with me; so I’ll offer the below as “food-for-thought”….

Fall 2014: Polar Vortex to Visit Northeast; South at Risk for Tropical Hit

By Kristen Rodman, Staff Writer

August 08, 2014; 3:53 PM

…While the West undergoes another period of heat and dryness, the Southwest, South and Texas will experience a soggy end to 2014. For the Northeast, blasts of winterlike air will arrive early this fall, serving as a reminder of last winter’s brutality.

Following a soaking November for Northeastern residents, El Niño will make its debut early this winter, fueling early winter snow across the area.

"December could get kind of wild due to the very active southern jet stream that is going to provide the moisture for bigger snowstorms," Pastelok said. "The Northeast could have a couple of big storms in December and early January."

… and given what has been going on this week with big snow in the Dakotas/Wyoming during what is still officially Summer, AccuWeather may be prescient.

Well, that’s it for this Heads-up. As each cookoff gets closer, I’ll post (and email) more specific information about it; updates, as well as “how goes it(s)”.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Vegas, and hope to see a whole lot of you at the above cookoffs,

Sergei Kowalchik

Chief Judge

Oklahoma’s Two Championship Cookoffs Draw Crowds

 It was a tale of two cookoffs.

 On the first weekend in September the ICS Oklahoma Championship Chili Cookoff was held back-to-back with the venerable ICS Mid-America Regional Chili Cookoff in Claremore, OK.

 Things were hot and sticky for Friday’s OK Championship Cookoff with cooks sweating over their chili pots and thankful for a mild breeze that flowed through the cooking site.

 On Saturday, Mid-America cooks experienced cool, wet conditions up through noon, then the sun shown and all was well.

 The two Oklahoma cookoffs that qualify winners to compete in the 2014 ICS World Championship Chili Cook-off in Las Vegas in October were married for the first time in order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Mid-America Regional Cookoff.

 Cooks came from far and wide to compete. A special prize (an embossed ICS cheese board and knife) was given to the cook who traveled the farthest to cook at the Oklahoma Championship event. It was ironic that this prize went to Mike Goodman who traveled to Claremore from his home in Wisconsin and his team name is Cheesehead Chili.

 Many of Friday’s competitors lowered their canopys Friday after the awards were presented and reappeared at the Claremore Expo Center to compete again on Saturday morning.

 “We had a great group of ICS cooks come out and the competition was fierce,” said Oklahoma Championship Cookoff chairman and chief judge ChiliJohn Fenrich. “Our judges had to break ties, in fact in the chili verde competition we had a five-way tie for third place.”

 Both cookoffs had some added zip with top notch Bluegrass music filling the air from four stages. Friday night’s show-stopper featured Ricky Skaggs.

  “I came for the chili since my brother was competing on Saturday,” said one visitor from Seattle. “And then I was blown away by the awesome music on the Bluegrass stages.”

 Heading up the Mid-America cookoff was Claremore Chamber of Commerce exec Dell Davis, who has been a part of the long-running event since its beginning and Susan Thornton, who has served as cookoff chairman since 1990.

 Hundreds of festival goers purchased tasting kits and sampled the chilis each day.

 “I was really pleased at the dedication of my judges,” said ChiliJohn. “They realized that they had a very important job to do since these ICS cooks are serious about winning to qualify to cook at World.”

 Winning cooks at the Oklahoma Championship and Mid-America Regional have regularly made it to the finals table at World.

 “We want to bring the World Title to Oklahoma,” exclaimed Davis at the cooks’ meeting Saturday morning. “We’ve been so close, let’s make it happen this year since we have two cookoffs to take winners to Las Vegas!”


ICS Salsa

1st Julie Brown

2nd Robert Piland

3rd Judy Ellis

ICS Green

1st Mike Mayenschein

2nd Robert Piland

3rd Bob Alexander ( 5-way tie)


1st Mike Barber

2nd Robert Piland

3rd Larry Bulla

4th Merle Simpson

5th Mike Mayenschein


FARTHEST TRAVELED – Mike Goodman from Wisconsin was given the “Farthest Cook” award Friday at the Oklahoma Championship.

RED WINNER—Mike Barber from Tulsa, OK, first place in ICS red chili, with Oklahoma Championship chairman ChiliJohn Fenrich.

GREEN WINNER – Mike Mayenschein from Owasso, OK tends to his pot before turning in the winning chili verde.



1st Robert Piland

2nd Judie Ellis

3rd Mike Hinds

ICS Green

1st Gary Benfield

2nd ChiliJohn Fenrich

3rd Judie Ellis


1st Tony Loretti

2nd Mike Hinds

3rd Mike Mayenschein

4th Bruce Brown

5th ChiliJohn & Kay Fenrich

Winners List

ICS Red Chili:

1st Place:   Lauren Staley; Lexington, KY

2nd Place:  Bill Donovan; Cincinnati, OH

3rd Place:   Lauren Ray; Livonia, MI

4th Place:  Tom Hoover; Columbus, OH

5th Place:  Lynn Berkebile; Vermilion, OH

Chili Verde:

1st Place: John Zimnox; Charleston, WV

2nd Place: Gary Schmeh; Cincinnati, OH

3rd Place:  Tana Harter; Leesburg, VA


1st Place:  Rose Warmuth; Wheeling, WV

2nd Place:  Brad Berkebile; Vermilion, OH

3rd Place:  Kym Blake; Huntington, WV

Booth & Showmanship:

1st Place: Hillbilly Chili; Chris Kimbler, Franklin Furnace, OH

2nd Place:  Holy Chili; First Congregational United Church of Christ, Huntington, WV

3rd Place:  Coal Miners Breakfast; John Opperman, Salt Rock, WV

Top Ten People’s Choice Teams: (raised $20,396)

Cabell-Huntington Hoop’s Family Children’s Hospital:       $6,462  

Coal Miners Breakfast – John Opperman:    $2,482

Huntington Fire Dept.-Aaron Williams:        $2,282      

Sammons-Adams Orthodontics:       $2,043      

Hillbilly Chili – Chris Kimbler:                        $1,762

First Congregational Church of Christ:         $1,180

G-Lovers Chili-Jamie Browning & Rich Tucker:         $1,176

Cabell County Republican Party:      $1,136

Huntington Physical Therapy-The HIT Center:         $1,114

Partners Insurance-Clarence Lykins: $759                   

Winner of the 2014 Toyota Camry from Advantage Toyota:

Brian Nolan, Ashland, KY


It was a brutally hot and humid day for the fifth annual Doc Dowling District cookoff. It was held this year at Veterans Park, right along the river, in Shelton, CT in conjunction with an all-day festival that featured seven bands and a street full of local food trucks. The all-day breeze off the river did little to help the humid weather, and a late afternoon thunderstorm added to the fun. But chili cooks are a tough group, and we had a great time with some really good chili made.

Thanks go to Mike Merola and Jack Cowell, who work to put this cookoff together every year. Yes, there were a few minor glitches, but we had everything we needed, when we needed it, and they made sure of that. Also, thanks to Csaba Vatai for his help in the judging area. We appreciate all of you!

And now, for the winners:

Best Booth: Linda McGrath

People’s Choice: Ian McDaid


3rd- Anne Marie Malone

2nd- Dave Schulman

1st- Rick LaFrance


3rd- Ian McDaid

2nd- Kurt Leithner

1st- Vicki Tankis


3rd- Rick LaFrance

2nd- Mike Merola

1st- Chris Bucciferro

Congrats to all the winners! Vegas, Baby!

-Mary Alice Kropp



It was a great day in Chili City, PA (aka Hanover) until about 3:00 pm when the deluge struck! Some loyal fans stuck it out to see awards presented to the new PA State Champions who will present some great competition at the 2014 World Championships!

ICS Salsa - 15 Entries                     

1.         Mike Singelton           Dirt Digger    

2.         George Ryffell            Dysfunctional

3.         Jonathan Everin          Giant’s Tailgate         

4.         Allen Kuhn     3 Hogs

5.         Randy Allen       Dire Wolf   


ICS Chili Verde- 18 Entries           

1.         David Violette            Surgical Precission    

2.         Jonathan Everin          Giant’s Tailgating      

3.          Tana Harter    Flight Risk     

4.         Allen Kuhn    3 Hogs

5.         Lisa Daughtery          Verdeliscous  



ICS Red Chili - 19 Entries              

1.         Tana Harter     Flight Risk     

2.         Jonathan Everin          Giant’s Tailgate         

3.         Cory Heikle    Miss. 1/2 Step Toodaloo

4.         Wes Carlson   Black Coyote 

5.         Randy Allen    Dire Wolf      

The 2014 Hanover Chili Cook Off Committee

The Hanover Chili Cook Off is on Face Book:


Chili Cooks,

There’s a few cookoffs I wanted to tell you about that are coming up in CT.

These two ICS Chili Cookoffs are a GREAT chance to qualify for the WCCC in Las Vegas! Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

9/20 - the 22nd Annual CT State Chili Cookoff in New Haven, CT Sharon Willard NEVER fails to show the cooks a great time! Sharon also has a “Road to Las Vegas” cup for cooks that have already qualified.

9/21 -  the first Annual Biker/Zombie Chili Cook Off in Middletown, CT complete with a FREE pig roast for the cooks, great music, great bikes, a raffle for a 64 Ford T Bird…and yes…Zombies. PLEASE sign up today as space is getting limited! Do NOT wait!

Then, October 4th is the FIRST ICS Chili Cook Off of the new chili year on the East Coast…and it’s here in CT.

The Smoke in the Valley Chili Cook Off with a fantastic free cooks party the night before with the world famous Shaboo All Stars!
Fee’s for cooks are only $52 for all 3 categories which will satisfy the Health Department…so you’re basically cooking for free.

I hope to see you all at one or all 3 of these great ICS events.

Michael Freedman


The historic Camarillo Ranch is a beautiful venue for the chili cookoff to benefit the Camarillo Hospice.  The Camarillo family bred and raised a unique type of white horses.  (Think of the Lone Ranger’s “Silver”.)  Although there are no longer horses in residence, the barn and stables are beautifully preserved, as is the lovely old house.  The house is open for tours, individually guided by a very well-informed docent. 

Events of the day, in addition to the chili cookoff, included a large car show, a poker tournament and wine tasting.  There were also several bands playing throughout the day.  The featured band was a very good Beatles Tribute band.  Sorry, I didn’t get their name.  Many vendors offered their wares and information.

The grounds are spacious and lovely.  Many of the cooks were shaded by large old trees with their cars situated behind their booths—-but you had to get there early!  Latercomers are on grass surrounded by the car show.  A total of 29 Traditional Red contestants assured that this will continue as a regional cookoff next year.  Three contestants also competed for People’s Choice chili only.  It was a pleasant surprise to see oldtime chili cook, Kevin Keegan, among the ICS entrants.  We last saw Kevin at a chili cookoff in 1994 when he chaired a cookoff to benefit MDA.  Welcome back, Kevin.

The Ventura County public has fully embraced this event.  Many of the ICS cooks brought 8 and more gallons of chili, which was eagerly devoured.  Many thanks to all of the cooks for supporting this charity.  The People’s Choice winner was, again, Sossy’s Restaurant.  Second place was claimed by ICS competitor Dean Harvey.  Sorry, but we didn’t get the name of the third place winner, as this contest was tabulated and announced by the Camarillo Hospice volunteers.

Chairperson Yvonne Parker oversees this event annually.  There is no cookoff chair anywhere who works harder and who is more organized.  Chief Judge was Barry Steinberg.  Chief Scorekeeper was Tish Crawford, who is doing a very good job.  Atta girl, Tish!  She was assisted by Norma Ferrante.  Kim Latendresse began her journey into the scorekeeping realm and did very well.  Oversight was provided by Karen Ray.  It is the intention of Steve Crawford and Jim Latendresse to step into the role of Chief Judge at some upcoming cookoffs.  Welcome aboard to all!

Check out this link to pictures of this cookoff (courtesy of Robert Roll)

At the end of a long, busy day the winners were:

Salsa (14 entries):

3rd place          Tony Austin

2nd place          Gene Beller

1st place           Sachiko Brecke

Chili Verde (14 entries):

3rd place          Todd Tolley

2nd place          Ray Bogart

1st place           Sachiko Brecke HAT TRICK!

Traditional Red Chili (29 entries):

5th place          Howard Choate

4th place          Scott Toland

3rd place          Maud Swick

2nd place          Eileen Beaty

1st place           Susie Baumberger

See ya in Las Vegas (or Apple Valley).

Karen Ray

CLARENDON DAY featuring the DC CHILI COOKOFF - September 27, 2014

Thanks to those cooks who have registered or indicated their intention to attend the 2014 DC Chili Cookoff.

Here are the numbers so far:

Red    8


Salsa  7

Homestyle 3

We have not yet reached the minimum number of 10 cooks to qualify the winner of that category to advance to the World’s Championship Chili Cookoff in Las Vegas on October 24 thru 26.

Please register if you have not done so and help us recruit additional cooks so we can qualify every category to advance!

Those who have not registered can register with the attached cook’s registration form.

Please send me a completed application and the entry fee and, if applicable, the membership fee to the International Chili Society (ICS).

Please send them to me at:

Fred Bell

P.O. Box 61233

Rockville MD 20859

Registration will be possible at the event depending on available space. Play it safe and register. We are just a few weeks away from the event.

You are very welcome to attend and help with the judging or just to have fun and see your friends. Either way, I will look forward to seeing you.


Calling all Chiliheads! We need Help in Hancock!

RED HOT IN HANCOCK (Weirton, WV) to be held Saturday, September 27, 2014 is searching for cooks!


Here are a few reasons YOU should join us:

* We are hosting RED, VERDE, SALSA and HOMESTYLE

* A win in Red could advance you to the Last Chance at Nationals plus our Verde, Salsa & Homestyle winners will automatically qualify for the finals

* Our Cook’s party Friday night will feature a roasted pig and a keg of beer (sponsor donated)

* Our local Holiday Inn is offering a special $20 off discount rate per night for cooks

 * Winners will receive specially commissioned commemorative Fiestaware Chili Bowls with our Red Hot in Hancock logo


*The first 32 cooks to register will be able to set up under the permanent tent 

* Excellent prize money:


1ST- $1,000, 2ND- $250, 3RD- $100


1ST- $250, 2ND- $100, 3RD- $50


1ST- $100


1ST- $100




Red Hot in Hancock Chili Cookoff

c/o DeeAnn Greene

3185 Wylie Ridge Road
Weirton, WV 26062



FAX 304-723-3799




We finally got to present the proceeds of The 2014 Louisiana State & Regional Chili Cookoffs to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. We raised a record amount for the hospital this year!!!! We were VERY pleased to be able to Donate $14,800 !!!!!!







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