Joe Harvey Memorial and Maine State Cookoffs - August 24 - 25, 2013

The annual chili cookoff in Maine is back to a two-day event this year. Saturday will be the Joe Harvey Memorial and Sunday is Maine State. For those of you that didn’t know Joe, he was a long-time chili cook who unfortunately left us last year. He was the chief judge in Maine until his retirement when he asked Mary Alice and I to take over.

With this being a back-to-back, you now have two chances at earning a spot in Palm Springs in all four categories (traditional red, chili verde, salsa, AND homestyle)!

We’d really like to bring the Saturday cookoff back to regional status so that every winner goes to the WCCC. Also, if you’ve already qualified in red, come and cook homestyle. We’d really like to see this category take off.

If you haven’t qualified at all, here is your chance to get your quad in one weekend!!

Being a late-season cookoff and a back-to-back, these cookoffs are a good choice to get qualified and enjoy a little vacation. Wells is a great vacation spot with the ocean, great food and more. Ogunquit, the historic Summer resort town, is only six miles away.

The Wells Chamber of Commerce which organizes this event, has a web site for the cookoff. Visit it at Note that it has not been updated to include homestyle and other current info yet.

Please come join us. We’d love to have you join us. Last year we had a great pot luck dinner on Saturday night.

Mike & Mary Alice Kropp



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