If you’re planning on cooking Big Bear come on! If you’re wondering or haven’t decided because of the many changes in requirements (city and country regs are mid revision) see if this helps. Gereghty Woman and I went up this past weekend to see if we could sort out the various sets of requirements we have all received. Seems things have changed frequently due to the people not knowing what is yet enforceable or not. Here’s the way I read it…

San Bernardino County is going with the hot water requirement.  I know many of you have already covered this popular Health Dept requirement, but if you haven’t Old Miners has several places that you can get your hot water.

The requirement for sides or netting is NOT!!! It’s been discussed and will probably hold true for food vendors, but not chili cooks. This is not new.

The City now requires that vehicles be unloaded and out of the area 30 minutes prior of opening for the public (at 10 am). We sent them searching among their membership for golf carts in case folks need assistance getting unloaded and out by the 9-9:30 requirement. They have several designated areas for cooks to park and you will be given a sticker or label of some sort to verify that you are authorized to park there. We noticed that there was no allowance for handicapped parking inside the area and that is being discussed with the City now (we gave them our suggestions and pointed out that last I checked handicapped was still a federal requirement).

What they forgot to tell us (probably as it is no concern of the cookoff) is that the streets in the Village are blocked off for construction. So be sure to come early, let us know if you need hot water and we’ll try to get you near it, then get you parking as close as possible to your booth.

OK. Hope this answers most of the questions. I’m looking forward to a great cookoff and hope to see you all there.




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