CCJ Class to be held in conjunction with Fire on the Mt Chili Cookoff July 20, 2013

This class will be taught by Diane Lentz. The class is designed to clarify the definition of what the ICS considers “true chili” and to demonstrate what the ICS believes chili is NOT. You’ll be given a chance to judge 8-10 bowls of chili, compare your ballot with others and discuss your comments. If you’re interested in taking this class, please contact Diane at or call 859-223-2867.

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 8:00 am in conjunction with the Fire on the Mountain Chili Cookoff, Snowshoe, WV. It will take place in Alleghany Springs (Williamsburg room) which is the same room where the cook’s registration takes place.

As the CCJ program has developed, we’ve been asked by several cookoff chairman whether a Judges Only Membership might be offered and we’re happy to oblige. So, for people interested in ONLY judging ICS cookoffs, ie, local residents, cookoff sponsors, local government officials, etc., the CCJ class fee will be $65 which includes the one-time $45 class fee and $20 for the Judges ICS Membership only. Included in the class fee is the Certified Chili Judges Handbook, given to you in the classroom and your personalized name badge and a Certificate of Completion (declaring that you are an ICS Certified Chili Judge) which will be mailed to you approximately two weeks after the class. The purpose is to allow interested persons the advantage of chili judging education and certification without the expense of a full ICS membership. For clarification, an ICS Homestyle Membership ($20) also entitles the member to take the CCJ class.

The class is NOT mandatory and certification is NOT required to judge at an ICS cookoff.

A little info on Diane Lentz:

  • has cooked chili for 20+ years
  • cooked in 18 WCCC (first one in 1992) placing 3rd, 4th and 5th through the years
  • in 2010, reigned as World Champion in Salsa
  • judged at numerous cookoffs, including the WCCC
  • done scorekeeping
  • Grand Master in Red and Verde


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