The 7th annual Cook’s Corner’s Regional was held this past Saturday and even though things seemed to be more frantic and noisy then usual we managed to bring it all together with the help of Norm, Bob Plager, Kathy Plager, Dick Swenberger, Bart Hilliard and Ellen Dyer, and of course yours truly (Bobbie). We were all there to help out Don who is doing better all the time. The weather pretty much co-operated with just a little breeze.

The cooks are all very patient with setting up at this cook off since there is only one way in and one way out, which isn’t easy when everyone is trying to get in at the same time, but they prevailed and it all came together as usual.

Carol Hancock and Dave showed up to judge and we were very appreciative since we need judges, it was great to see Carol since I hadn’t seen her since (I think) New Hampshire. Carol: I promise I will bring my pretzels to Palm Springs, will have a bag just for you. LOL

Bob Griffith, an old time chili head showed up to judge, was nice to see him again, he says he is thinking of getting back into cooking. No, I don’t know if he still has the old truck. Now for the results:

SALSA: 11 cooks

4th Pl. Mike Austin 10 pts

3rd Pl. Darlene Taylor 10 pts

2nd Pl. John Sanden 10 pts - won the tiebreaker

1st Pl. Sachiko Brecke 11 pts


3rd Pl. Sachiko Brecke 10 pts

2nd Pl. Steve Crawford 12 pts

1st Pl. Eileen Beaty 19 pts.


4th: There was a tie between Jim Rasey and Mike Hulka for 4th with 4 points, which we didn’t break

3rd Pl. Chuck Harber 5 pts

2nd Pl. Tony Austin 9 pts

1st Pl. Steve Crawford 10 pts

There was a 1 point difference between first and second on Salsa and Red, with a three way tie for second on Salsa, which we had to break twice since it was still tied after the first tiebreaker.

Thanks, Bobbie



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