The August 3rd event was at the Appleshed in Clarksville, Mo. and sponsored by Raintree Arts Council a non-for-profit organization to provide Arts and programs for Pike and Lincoln County, Missouri.

I want to thank all the cooks who traveled from Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri to this event.

Thanks to Jeff Netser to be the watcher for the cooks.

Thanks to All the Board members who were great support for the event. To all the sponsors, friends and family who supported the Raintree Arts Council.

Thanks to Bill Blakey who has been the life line of support to make the event a success.

The Band Everyday People was well recieved by the crowd. They hailed from St. Louis.

SOOOOOO the winners are

Anything Goes ( the event that is judged like red.but is supplied to the public for tickets to raise money)11 cooks

Tie for 2nd  Larry Wright - St. Charles, Mo

                    George Rives - Eolia, Mo

1st Place Henry Stephens - Lake Horn Mississippi


Salsa 13 cooks

3rd Place   Roy Tobey - Beebe, Arkansas

2nd Place Robin Seuferer - Iowa

1st place  Nick Groesch - Chambersburg, Illinois


Chili Verde 12 cooks

3rd Place   Lloyd Weir - Normal, Il.

2nd Place   Tom Hoover - Columbus, Ohio

1st Place   Henry Stephens - Lake Horn, Miss.    This is the Hat trick  He was VERY EXCITED


Red Chili  17 cooks

5th place    Mark Hurt - Tolono, Il

4th Place    Kristi Toby - BeeBe, Ark

3rd Place    Nick Groesch -  Chamberburg, Il

2nd Place   Bob Hall - Taylorville, Il.   was more than willing to take the place of

1st Place   George Rives - Eolia, Mo. ( George is going to the WORLD)


Again Thanks so much for the patience of date change, the Misissippi River, sand bags and all that goes with it.



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