Less than 2 weeks before the Winter Park Back to Back Chili Cookoffs. Day 1 is currently a District, but if we can get 20 Red Chili Cooks, we can get it back to a REGIONAL! Day 2 is the Colorado State Championship. So 5 winners are definitely going to qualify for the World Championships at the Spa Hotel and Casino in Palm Springs, while the 6th winner may or will get to cook the Last Chance at the WCCC for free.  If you have signed up before, please do so again as there have been some personnel changes on the mountain. This cookoff has been around for a long time and the new crew has embraced it thoroughly, it will be an awesome event. Dr. Paul Whitney from Arizona will be your Chief Judge for the weekend. So please, come on up to the highest cookoffs in the nation, over 9000 ft up, for a Colorado Rocky Mountain High Chili Weekend, August 24 and 25. For more info, contact Paul at



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