This was the first memorial cookoff in honor of long-time chili cook and Maine chief judge, and friend to many of our cooks, Joe Harvey. We assisted Joe in the judging area in Maine for a few years, and still miss his sense of humor and dedication to chili. 

We had a lovely day on the coast of Maine, and the crowd showed it. They came out to browse the craft vendors, and sample the chili offerings.

I have a few people we must thank before we get to the winners’ lists. First and always, Eleanor Vadenais, from the Wells Chamber of Commerce, who is so good to work with to make sure these are quality cookoffs. And Jonathan Levine, another long-time cook and chairperson, who came out to help judge the ICS categories on Saturday. Many thanks to Johanna and Nick Loddo for their help on Saturday, and to Stephanie Kropp for helping out on Sunday. A special thanks to the people who added a category to their competition so that we could make our numbers for a qualifying cookoff. Our Saturday Homestyle, Salsa, and Verde cooks will all go to the WCCC 2013, and our Red winner gets a free pass to the Last Chance at the Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs, CA. We did not make our ten qualifiers for Homestyle on Sunday, unfortunately, but the other three winners will be there in Palm Springs.

The winners:

Joe Harvey Memorial District


People’s Choice:

Ian McDaid

Homestyle: (10 cooks, 8 judges)

3rd- Jack Cowell, CT

2nd- Judi Omerza, PA

1st- Ian McDaid, CT

Salsa: (11 cooks, 9 judges)

3rd- Mario Saccocccio, CT

2nd- Michael Lesperance, New Brunswick

1st- Ian McDaid, CT

Verde: (10 cooks, 9 judges)

3rd- Michael Lesperance, New Brunswick

2nd- Dave Kelley, MA

1st- Ian McDaid, CT (Hat Trick)

Red: (11 cooks, 9 judges)

5th- (tie, not broken) Mike Freedman,CT, Marc Frechette, CT, Mario Saccoccio, CT

4th- Sean McGrath, CT

3rd- Michael Lesperance, New Brunswick

2nd- Joanne McDaid, CT

1st- AnneMarie Malone, CT

It was a full sweep for Ian McDaid, since he has won red already! Ian has had a pretty good chili year.

Maine State


Best Booth:

Penne Lesperance, New Brunswick

People’s Choice:

2nd- Alison Saccoccio, CT (63 votes)

1st- Joanne McDaid, CT (65 votes)

Homestyle: (4 cooks, 9 judges) not a qualifier

3rd- Linda McGrath, CT

2nd- Judi Omerza, PA

1st- Alison Saccoccio, CT

Salsa: (11 cooks, 11 judges)

3rd- Michael Lesperance, New Brunswick

2nd- Wendy Chauvin, Ontario

1st- Richard Chauvin, Ontario (Hat Trick)  And a sweep in the category for Canada!

Verde: (10 cooks, 11 judges)

3rd- Mike Freedman, CT

2nd- Dave Schulman, CT

1st- Matt McSheehy, MA

Red: ( 10 cooks, 12 judges)

5th- (tie, not broken) Mario Saccoccio, CT, Rich Omerza, PA, Mike Freedman, CT, Joanne McDaid, CT

4th- Scott Navaroli, MA

3rd- Marc Frechette, CT

2nd- Dave Schulman, CT

1st- Michael Lesperance, NB CANADA

Congratulations to all the winners, and we will see you in October in California!

-Mary Alice Kropp, Scorekeeper 



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