Well, the site is now set for the 2013 WCCC Golf Tournament, to be held October 10, 2013.

We will be at one of the premier courses in the Coachella Valley, the Firecliff Course at Desert Willow. Normal rates for this course are usually about $155.00, but since we are on the LAST day of the overseeding schedule, we are getting a rate of $70.00.  Folks, this is a smoking deal!!!!! 

This will be a challenging course, even with the scramble format. I hope you are up for it, I know I am!  I have a tentative list from my last announcement, but now with a $280.00 dollar deposit down, I will need firm numbers. We have space for 20 golfers right now.  Playing so far are Myself, Rich Omerza, Mike Rook, Steve and Bonnie Tomasek, Bill and Linda Blakey, George Lott, Matt Levy, Mike Lesperance. That is half the spots so far. If response is really good, we can get more space.  Remember, this will be a 90+ degree round. Not humid, just freaking hot. Be prepared. Please email me ASAP at golfnchili@aol.com if you are in for sure. Thanks, see you there.


Paul Whitney



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