Winding Trails Park in Farmington is a lovely venue for a cookoff. The mist rising off the lake as we drove in Saturday morning was a beautiful picture. The early morning was chilly, but once the sun fully burned through the mist, the day turned out to be perfect- just warm enough, and low humidity.

We have to thank Sarah, Charlie, and Mike, and all of the other volunteers from Abilities Without Boundaries and Miracle Network of CT for making this an enjoyable cookoff for everyone. There were bouncy houses for the kids, and bands playing all day long for entertainment.

We would also like to thank Nick Loddo, and Steve and Audrey Falkowski for coming out to help us in the judging area. As always, thanks to the cook who came out to support the cookoff, especially Alison Saccoccio, who cooked Red chili (a category she does not usually compete in) to ensure we had our twenty cooks to make this cook off a Regional again next year.

Our winners:

People’s Choice:

Joanne McDaid

Salsa: (13 cooks, 10 judges)

3rd- Roxanne Ballachino, CT

2nd- Christine Johnson, PA

1st- MacKenzie Tankis, MA

Verde: ( 14 cooks, 13 judges)

3rd- Marc Frechette, CT

2nd- Michael Scheidel, CT

1st- Jason Frechette, CT

Red: (20 cooks, 12 judges)

5th- (tie) Mario Saccoccio, CT and Jason Frechette, CT

4th- (losing tie for 3rd) Steve Stark, MA

3rd- (winning tie for 3rd) Michael Freedman, CT

2nd- Joanne McDaid, CT

1st- Scott Navaroli, MA (Hat Trick)

Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope you cook well at the WCCC in October!

-Mary Alice Kropp, Scorekeeper



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