A picturesque setting in Superior, Colorado nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver hosted the 13th annual Town of Superior Chili Cookoff.  The weather was hot and sunny as about 7,000 people gathered for music, chili and festivities galore benefiting the Boulder County Incident Management Team.

New cooks and seasoned vets battled it out for 3 invites to Palm Springs with 2 tables in all 3 categories!

Katie Rummel, our Chairperson from the Town of Superior, was amazing and gave us everything we needed to put on a first class cookoff. You should consider marking your calendar for this one next year, always a great time!  Kudos to Patrick and Mark Hammer, Jeff Tucker, Katie and many others from the Town of Superior who worked hard all day long to ensure things ran smoothly in the judging tent.

Kay Rook ran the scorekeeping department along with help from Kelly Ritter and Bonnie Tomasek, working nonstop all day!  They managed over 20 entries in Red, Green and Salsa in addition to the Guacamole division!  Katie jumped in as well helping with the scorekeeping and some judging as well.

Drum roll please……..

Guacamole -13 cooks

3rd Place        Jeff LeBeck

2nd Place        Stevan Rodriquez

1st Place        Chris Adams

Salsa - 21 cooks

3rd Place        Kristi Lawley

2nd Place        George Lott

1st Place        Joe Cowan

Verde - 21 cooks

3rd Place        Katherine Dierking

2nd Place        Andy Gatschet

1st Place        Edward Huffman (hat trick)

Red Chili - 23 cooks

HM tied for 5th           Kristi Lawley/Candace Benedict

HM 4th Place             LeMonte Gregory

3rd Place                    Greg Tan

2nd Place                    Sarah Guild

1st Place                    Mary Parker

Congratulations to all of the cooks, volunteers and the Town of Superior for an amazing day!

Mike Rook – Chief Judge



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