Cook-off Winners List

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Plymouth, Michigan


30 ICS Red

17 ICS Chili Verde

16 ICS Salsa

       5 New Cooks

    2 New ICS Cooks

16 Restaurant Chili Challengers

11 People’s Choice Only Cooks

1,000’s of Chili Samples

100’s of Chili and Motorcycle Fans


All for Habitat for Humanity & Penrickton Center for Blind Children !


1st Place Red (pts)      Diane Lentz - Nicholasville, KY - $1000

2nd Place Red (pts)      Gary Ray – Livonia, MI - $250

3rd Place Red (pts)       Lauren Ray – Livonia, MI - $100

4th Place Red (pts)       Bob Kyle – Dearborn, MI   

5th Place Red (pts)       Kit Hoff – Columbus, OH


1st Place Verde (pts)    Richard Chauvin – Windsor Ont. Can - $300

2nd Place Verde (pts)   Lauren Ray – Livonia, MI

3rd Place Verde ( pts)   Larry Lentz – Nicholasville, KY


1st Place Salsa (pts)     Gail Kyle – Dearborn, MI - $200

2nd Place Salsa (pts)    Lynn Berkebile – Vermilion, OH

3rd Place Salsa (pts)     Ken Kostal – Marblehead, OH


Congratulations to all the winners!  We had a GREAT Last Time!


Ken and Annette Horn 




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