Well there’s another one in the history book, and once again our cooks came out to support us and help to keep it a Regional for next year. You cooks are super and we love you all, a great big THANKS goes out to you.

This year we had 10 Chili Verde, and 11 Salsa’s, (at least we were supposed to have 11 Salsa’s except one cook who hails from Colorado Springs, CO by the name of Eddy forgot to turn his in, and you wouldn’t believe who he blamed it on. He said it was his wife’s fault because she always keeps him up on the time and she wasn’t there, shame on you Eddy.) But you are forgiven because you bought me a drink at the Happy Burro after the cookoff with your winnings. Thanks Eddy, you can cook in our cookoff any time. We had cooks from Colorado (Eddy Huffman), Washington (Doug Wilkey), Florida ( the Weltikol’s), California and Nevada.

We also need to thank the people who without their help we couldn’t do this,  my assistant Scorekeeper Donnie Gordon,  Norms big time helper and our reader Jim Maehl, and Wilma Maehl and Phil Morosky, and of course all the judges. If I forgot anyone just know that you are appreciated.


We would also like to thank Eddy Huffman for his pulled pork sandwich’s and mashed potato’s on Friday and of course Patti and Fred’s potluck on Saturday after the cookoff. A good time was had by all, strangers and friends alike. Of course at the Happy Burrow Chili and Beer there are no strangers, there are only friends. Now on to the winners:



2nd Pl. Fred Sweet

1st Pl.  Pam O’Sullivan (from Ca)


3rd Pl. Dione Cooley

2nd Pl. Jodi Wiseman

1st Pl.  Bob Scott (from Goldfield, NV) 


There was a tie for 4th between

Jan Sprouse and Jodi Wiseman

3rd Pl. Mark Haught

2nd Pl. Eddy Huffman

1st Pl.  Dione Cooley (from Reno NV)

The Dutch Oven Winners were:


3rd Pl.  Bob Scott

2nd Pl. Jay Thompson

1st Pl.  Cindy Haught

Main Dish:

3rd Pl.  Jay Thompson

2nd Pl.  Patti Summers

1st Pl.   Mark Haught



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