It was a beautiful day in Apple Valley. Early morning was light jacket or long sleeve weather… by the time Rotary shut down breakfast and we could set up the judging area, the jacket was gone. We were down on cooks, but the World Staff showed once again. Chief Judge  Jim Maehl and Scorekeeper Donnie Gordon looked a little beat up (and the boxes of scoring supplies were mixed with the World supplies…I’ll get everything out of the motorhome and sorted before Lost Lake and the Hacienda), but then no one looked like they had recovered yet! Special thanks to Bob & Louise Dinneweth and Bill & Karen Ray who came over to help with the scoring; Tim Green & Jill Baxter our Wranglers; Kathy Martin and the Rotary Club who were once again excellent host and a great charity. And the winners were:

Best Booth: Mike Austin

Best Rotary Club Chili

2nd Place: Apple Valley Rotary

1st Place: Victor Valley Sunrise Rotary

1st Time Cook: Richard Carlson

People’s Choice:

3rd Place: Richard Chauvin, CN

2nd Place: Mike Austin, CA

1st Place: Marion Donato, CA

Salsa (12 Contestants)

3rd Place: Marion Donato, CA

2nd Place: Jim Beaty, CA

1st Place: Tish Crawford, CA

Chili Verde (13 Contestants)

5th Place: Ray Bogart, NV

4th Place: Marion Donato, CA

3rd Place: Karen Angotti, CA

2nd Place: Jim Rasey, CA

1st Place: Tish Crawford, CA

Traditional Red Chili (20 Contestants)

5th Place: Eileen Beaty, CA

4th Place: Steve Crawford, CA

3rd Place: Red Brecke, CA

2nd Place: Jim Beaty, CA

1st Place: Tony Austin, CA

Congratulations to the Winners. Thank You to all the Judges, Volunteers and Cooks. Special thanks to Richard & Wendy Chauvin, Diane & Larry Lentz and Bob & Kathy Plager who stayed around after World to cook in Apple Valley as we would not have been able to retain our Regional status without you! … and to the Rotary Club of Apple Valley who not only take good care of us but donate so very much to the local charities, especially their Children’s Literacy project!



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