New England Regional Women’s Invitational Cookoff Results

The Women’s Invitational Cook Off in Somers, CT was a bit different than most. Women, of course, were invited to come and compete in all three ICS categories. The catch was directed at the men who wanted to cook. If you were a man, and wished to compete, you had to dress as a woman. That made for some quite interesting sights; everything from granny in her bathrobe and curlers to those all dolled up for an evening on the town. There were manicures and pedicures, and a make-up artist was on site for those not as accomplished with blush and mascara. Everyone got into the spirit of the day, and it was one of the most fun cook offs you have ever seen.

The cook off was to benefit the widow of a soldier killed in action, and who was diagnosed with cancer. The fundraiser was a huge success, and we appreciate all who came out to cook and taste. A few thanks are in order: to Mike and Kathy Freedman, who once again, put together a great cook off in a short period of time for a very good cause. To Kim and Lee Wood, for providing some very nice trophies for the winners. To the Patriot Guard Riders who came out to help. And Mike and I want to thank Laurie Kniffin for her help with the scorekeeping. A big thanks to the sponsors who were so generous in helping make this cook off happen,

The winners:


4th place- (tie, not broken) Dave Kelley, NH, and Mario Saccoccio, CT

3rd- Josh Freedman, CT

2nd- Scott Navaroli, MA

1st- Isaiah Frechette, CT


4th place- (tie, not broken) Scott Navaroli, MA, and Ian McDaid, CT

3rd- Nathan Gramm, PA

2nd- Mario Saccoccio, CT

1st- Dave Kelley, NH


5th- Jonathan Everin, NY

4th- Nathan Gramm, PA

3rd- Dave Violette, VA

2nd- Jack Cowell, CT

1st- Matt Levy, MD

Congratulations to all. See you at the WCCC 2014!

-Mary Alice Kropp, Scorekeeper



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