Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cookoff - Sunday, June 1, 2014

We were just informed that the city has authorized FOUR entrances onto El Camino Real for the cooks and vendors.  That means you will not need to sit in long lines to enter the site.  Just remember to register at the VIP tent to obtain your assigned space and people’s choice booth number. 

Currently there are 18 red chili entries so come on out and let’s get this back to a regional cookoff!  They have a very limited number of open spaces, therefore, it’s recommended that you pre-register so you have an assigned space with the wooden booth, tables and chairs they provide.

There is one change in the schedule previously posted.  The ICS cooks meeting will be at 10:00 am in the judging tent (they won’t let us have it any earlier).  Please be on time as they are only allocating us 15 minutes, and their people’s choice cooks meeting is right after ours.  We will pass out the chili and salsa cups immediately after our meeting, so please do not leave the area without receiving your cups

11:30 – Salsa turn-in and Salsa judges meeting

12:00 – Red Chili cooks light your fires

2:30 – Red Chili judges meeting

3:00 – Red Chili turn-in

4:15 – Awards announced (approx.)

Hope to see you there!  Dennis and Allene Macklin.  Any questions, please contact us 928-566-1336, Firefrog70@gmail.com



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