Calling all Chili Cooks! We are looking for YOU! Do you think you have what it takes to win at 7000 feet Altitude? We have world class cooks rolling in from California, Nevada, Texas, Washington and Arizona. Sure, you can win on your home turf, but can you cut the mustard where the mountain west, the gulf coast and the west coast all meet once a year? Well, we sure hope you’ll want to try! Come on up to Flagstaff on June 14 and 15 for the 31st Annual Route 66 Regional and the 43rd Annual Arizona State Championship. Join us for dinner at Granny’s Closet on Friday night, 6:30 for a fun meal with your fellow cooks. Stay at the Day’s Hotel with the special cooks rate, although you need to book it soon, 928-779-6944. Each red and green cook gets a souvenir t-shirt, special for each day. If you haven’t taken the health card test yet, when you do, just bring the voucher to the cookoff if you are from out of town. Our health department will accept it as proof you took the course. We hope you’ll join us for a fun Father’s Day weekend in Flagstaff! For more info, contact Paul Whitney at golfnchili@aol.com



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