Another great weekend! The venue and the weather were beautiful. When we got there cooks were already setting up and had already been made aware of the “handicapped” area (near restrooms and judging areas). As Mike & Tony were unloading the El Pato donations to the cooks and judges, Smart & Final began setting up their booth with cornbread and tea in addition to the goodie envelopes delivered to the cooks, and the Cattledrive booth was set up to distribute the chili donation all day long. Mike Austin did his usual great job as Chief Judge; scorekeepers were Donnie Gordon, Ellen Dyer and Tish Crawford; Wranglers and general everywhere workers included Tony Austin, Bob Witt, Jim LaTendresse and Bob Dyer. Thank you all. You are the ones who make a cookoff run smoothly as this one did! And the winners:

People’s Choice

2nd Place - Clark McGee, CA

1st Place - Nick Donato, CA

Salsa (10 Contestants)

3rd Place - Clark McGee, CA

2nd Place - Marion Donato, CA

1st Place - Nick Donato, CA

Chili Verde (10 Contestants)

3rd Place - Russell Barnes, CA

2nd Place - Ray Bogart, NV

1st Place - Barry Steinberg, CA

Red Chili (18 Cooks)

4th Place (3 way Tie ) Dave Thomas, Bill Ray & Karl Smith

3rd Place - Russell Barnes, CA

2nd Place - Eileen Beaty, CA

1st Place - Mike Hulka, CA

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all of the cooks and volunteers. Hope to see you all in Beatty in August.



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