The reason I added the word more to the title - because there is! It is an evening cookoff and it’s in the parking lot of a Hotel and Casino. So for starters we have a little adult entertainment available along with a very nice hotel that has a great swimming area available all day. This year you will be able to start setting up at 10 AM Saturday morning. So it gives you lots of time to get set up and be able to relax before the cookoff starts. You will be able to bring your vehicle to your cook site to unload and have it parked nearby. It will be relatively easy access in and out. This year we are going to have all three categories of competition, Red Chili, Green Chili and Salsa. At this time it is a district cookoff but it could very easily become a regional. If we can just get 20 red cooks I will be able to hang a sign proclaiming the winner’s name along with Hot & Spicy Nights Chili Cookoff at the World’s Championship Chili Cookoff 2014. This will give the town of Beatty, Nevada two chances at a World’s Championship. Of course, the winner of green chili and salsa will automatically go to the world. We would dearly love to add red chili to that scenario and a chance to the winner for that $25,000. The hosts of the Hot & Spicy Nights Chili Cookoff are the Stagecoach Hotel & Casino Beatty, Nevada. Their casino is not huge which makes it more comfortable and they do have live table games as well as lots of slot machines. They also have a Denny’s restaurant within the casino with good service that I found to be quite adequate. There is a full-service bar within the casino. The hotel rooms are very nicely done and comfortable and you can request a room with a refrigerator.

The Stagecoach Hotel is offering a chili cook & judge rate - you just have to give them the chili code 082314 when making reservations. You can make hotel reservations by calling: 775-553-2419.  It is recommended that you call in the morning and speak with Jeanette.

VFW Post 12108 will be hosting a beer garden at the cookoff site with all proceeds going to VFW Post (in Homer’ Simpson’s voice “mmmmmm chili and beer!”). I have a special place in my heart for the VFW Post 082314 as I am a member there. A few years ago they bought an old abandoned church right on the main street and with volunteers they have converted it into a very interesting VFW Post. The building itself when they obtained it was in very serious disrepair. But with hard work and determination and of course a little money they have worked miracles with the old church. They still have more work to do to finish off their kitchen. So while you are in Beatty please visit the VFW Post and be amazed. All proceeds from the cookoff will go to VFW Post 12108 and Ladies Auxiliary and their charities. So by competing in the chili cookoff you will also be helping your veterans. Remember VFW stands for Veterans of Foreign War.

We will also have other contest including, Ms. Chili Pepper, Mr. Hot Sauce and Shoot & Holler. Our emcee for the day/evening will be none other than three-time World’s Champion Winner of Shoot & Holler, Mike Ughlee Austin. Mike has promised me that he will not be bringing his Dog and Pony Show to this event. Instead he will be signing up nonmembers to the turtle club, Are You a Turtle? Something else to do while you are in Beatty is to pay a visit to the Happy Burro Chili & Beer a quaint little saloon located on Main Street the proprietors are long-time ICS chili cooks Fred and Patty Summers. They are also stars of YouTube check out their show at YouTube “On the Trail with John and Ted”. It will give you a little insight into Beatty Nevada.

If you are planning to come and cook chili could you please let us know by contacting Co-Chairperson Crystal Taylor so we can get an accurate count, hopefully?

Chairperson Russ Osmun of the VFW

Phone 775-513-0323 e-mail address:

Co-Chairperson: Crystal Taylor of the Happy Burro

Phone 775-553-9099 e-mail

Chief Scorekeeper Donnie Gordon

Chief Judge Capt. Jim Maehl

Cell Phone: 702-336-1941 e-mail address

Emcee Mike Ughlee Austin Phone 1 800 dontcallme

If we get our 20 cooks and send the winner to the world I will perform my happy dance!

Good luck and good chili cooking, Capt. Jim



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