This year’s New Hampshire State cookoff was blessed with the best weather we have had there in many years. The cooKoff used to be scheduled earlier in the year, and we either sweltered in humidity, or were chilled with rain. This year, the weather was sunny, not too warm, and there was a lovely breeze blowing all day long. The cookoff was held in conjunction with Hudson’s Old Home Days, and we were sharing the day with a carnival and many craft vendors. 

We have to thank Chris and the Friends of Music volunteers who made sure everything ran quite well. It was a pleasure, as always, working with them.

Our winners were:

People’s Choice: Matt McSheehy

Youth Chili: Dylan Bouffard


3rd- Matt McSheehy

2nd- Stacy Kelley

1st- Roxanne Ballachino


3rd- Roxanne Ballachino

2nd- Vicki Tankis

1st- Jerry Buma


3rd- Dave Ronge

2nd- Vicki Tankis

1st- Mike Freedman

 Roxanne won Salsa by a definitive 9 point margin. There was one point between first and second, and two points separating second and third in Verde. Mike won his Red ticket to the WCCC by a resounding 10 points.

Congratulations to the winners. We will see you in October in Vegas, baby!

-M.A. Kropp




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