On the final day of the 2014 Illinois State Fair there were huge crowds, perfect weather (by midday), running races, car races, entertainment and of course the main event the chili cookoff. This is the 9th  year of the ICS sanctioned event. No one was more excited than Sue Regan who hit the daily double winning the first two contests. George Rembert local professional chef and long time chili cook won his first cookoff.  Next stop for our winners is the World Championship cookoff!  The winners here qualify to compete in the ICS World’s Championship Chili Cookoff this October in Las Vegas, NV. This year they are also qualified to compete in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas in November. The winners were:

Salsa –

3. Bobby DeClerk

2. Les Eastep

1. Sue Regan, Springfield IL

Chili Verde -

3. Scott Barrett

2. Gary Ballweg

1. Sue Regan

Red - 

3. Brenda Weir

2. Aldo Klinghammer

1. George Rembert, Springfield, IL

Larry Eastep  




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